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Gusto di Roma sends flavors of Italy

Gusto di Roma delivers a different curated selection of 5-6  high-quality Italian small bites every month that are ready to eat — something sweet, too.

Delicious appetizers Made in Italy and around the world. 

Ready to eat – No cooking – Just add wine 

A Different Mix of Appetizers Delivered to Your Doorstep Every Month

• Traditional small bites

• Old-school favorites

• Innovative appetizers

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Sample Appetizers


  • Thick eggplant caponata spread with chopped tomatoes, celery, onions and olives in extra virgin olive oil and wine vinegar (Basilicata, Southern Italy)
  • Pork salame made with red wine, pepper and garlic (Emilia-Romagna, Northeastern Italy)
  • Chunks of lightly flavored yellowfin tuna in an olive oil brine (Calabria, Southern Italy, toe of the boot)
  • Taralli flour cracker hoops made with white wine, extra virgin olive oil and salt (Puglia, Southern Italy, the heel of the boot)
  • Large green Cerignola olives in brine (Abruzzo, Central Italy)
  • Carmelized grilled Borettane small onions marinated in white wine vinegar (Le Marche, Central Italy)
  • Traditional Torrone sweet nougat made with honey and almonds (Campania, Southern Italy)
  • White truffle and porcini mushroom spread (various regions in Italy)
  • Filet of anchovies in extra virgin olive oil from Emilia-Romagna (Northeastern Italy)
  • Pesto spread from Sicily (Southern Italy) Torrone sweet nougat from Campania (Southern Italy)
  • Dark chocolate / raspberry bar
  • Almond / pistachio / hazelnut bar from Lombardia (Northern Italy)